Daily Dozen – Red, She Said

Asking for themes is hit or miss. Every now and then someone will make a suggestion but most of the time I come up with them myself. Often when someone sends a suggestion it’s something I’ve done recently. When my colleague Sam suggested red hair I was pretty sure I’d already done a set but looking back I see that isn’t the case. Sam’s a redhead herself but somehow I’ve not posted a photo of her to the 1000faces project.

Today’s set includes 12 women with red hair. I’ve included three kinds of red hair. There are women with naturally red hair, women with dyed red hair (or at least enhanced) and women who’s hair appears red through some trick of lighting. When I started looking through my photos I was amazed by how many women have red hair. This was a tough set to put together. Without even trying I quickly had a batch of 20 and cutting eight was not easy.

Let me know if you have a theme you’d like to see and I’ll try to put it together. Themes don’t need to be physical characteristics, they have be about locations, moods, ideas, whatever.

Face - Beats Antique
Face - woman with curly red hair
Face - woman singing


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