Daily Dozen – The Least Favorite Faces

I decided to take yesterday’s theme and flip it on its head to share the faces that have been viewed the least often. It really goes to show how arbitrary things are. Sure there are some basic rules around how often different kinds of faces are viewed (women get more views than men, young people more than old, etc.); but there are other things that dictate how often a picture is viewed: When was it taken? Did I share it? Is it someone I know or is known to my friends? Is it someone notable? How was it tagged? It’s worth noting that of the most popular faces there was only one man, and that was me. It’s inclusion illustrates the point about other factors. I took that photo the day I shaved off a beard I’d had for almost 10 years. People who knew me ended up sharing it and the views went way up. I think originally I’d also called it something like “Me, naked” and we all know any picture with the word “naked” in the title is going to get a lot of views. Silly. Looking at the dozen faces below, the people in them are no less appealing as people than those in the most popular faces from yesterday and I think they should have their due as well.

Faces 315
Faces 322
Faces 320
Faces 126
Faces 769
Faces 155
Faces 289
Faces 507
Faces 612
Faces 301
faces 639
Faces 244


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