Daily Dozen – Power to the Hoodie!

The hoodie, they’re so comfortable. I’m wearing one right now. I went through my 1000faces and found plenty of people wearing hoodies. Some with hoods up, most with hoods down. As nice as hoodies are, there are limits. For example, you probably shouldn’t wear a hoodie to a job interview, a wedding, a funeral, etc. I can vouch that none of the photos below were taken in any of those situations.

Faces 690
Faces 823
Faces 689


3 thoughts on “Daily Dozen – Power to the Hoodie!

  1. I’ve had my favorite grey hoodie since I was 16. It’s been repaired a few times, but it’s still my favorite and so comfortable. It’s no longer decent for being in public, but I love lounging in it at home (even if my husband can’t stand it). Still rockin’ the hoodie.

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