Daily Dozen – Silly Hat Day

I don’t know, I’m just in the mood for some silly hats. Not all of these hats are inherently silly, but often – and it is certainly true in this case – context matters.

Go Pats!
His hat is very small.
My dad in a very fancy number.
This is my AC Milan hat. It’s only silly because it’s on someone else’s head.
The hat isn’t silly but the face under it sure is.
This whole package is silly.
Faces 863
Maybe if he turned it over this hat wouldn’t be as silly.
Faces 781
You’d be surprised by how many people you see sporting this look.
Faces 127
In 1778 this hat isn’t so silly. In 2008 it was.
Faces 38
Silly? Frankly I think not.
meat hat
My kid is cool.
This is a hotdog hat. Silly.

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