Daily Dozen – Tough Girls

This was suggested to me as a good idea for a set and I agree. Here’s the issue. When I take people’s pictures I walk up to them and ask if I can do it. Sometimes they say “yes” and everything is good. Sometimes they say “no” and I thank them and leave them alone. Sometimes they want to know why and I explain the project. After that most say “yes.” The thing is, once I’ve had a conversation with someone and they say “yes” it means we’ve had a positive interaction. And after a positive interaction most people are trying to look tough. At least most women don’t – as you may have seen in the Tough Guys set there are plenty of guys for whom looking tough is a natural pose.

I had to look through the 1000faces photographs really closely and lower the bar to find a dozen women who might be said to look tough. It’s really more that they aren’t smiling. Not exactly tough though now is it? In any case, here they are – the closest I could get to tough girls . . .


Faces 575





Faces 608


Faces 275

Faces 249


Faces 783


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