Daily Dozen – Guys with Receding Hairlines

Yesterday I realized that my hairline is receding. It’s happening slowly I think. So slowly that I usually don’t even notice it but when I do it can’t be denied. I told Wendy that when it gets too obvious I’m shaving my noggin – but it’s not *too* bad yet . . .

Another thing I realized is that I don’t know how to spell receding. For some reason I was convinced that it had a double e. Go figure.

The last thing I realized while putting this set together is that it’s a fine line between a big forehead and a receding hairline. I looked at a bunch of faces and sometimes couldn’t be sure. What I could be sure of though is that if I said a guy had a receding hairline and he didn’t think so he’d be pissed so I erred on the side of caution.

Hope you enjoy these faces from my 1000faces project!

On the street in New York.

At a party in Watertown, MA.

On the street in New York.

My dad in Southboro, MA.

At an event in Boston.

At a bar in Framingham, MA.


Faces 599
In a parking lot in Framingham, MA.

Face - smiling man with a goatee and a red shirt
In New Hampton, NH.

In a bar in New York.

At a bar in Sarasota, FL.

In a bar in Cambridge, MA.

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