Daily Dozen – Tough Guys

I’ve taken a lot of people’s pictures – probably more than 20,000 at this point. When I ask most people they say “yes.” If people don’t want me to I don’t. It’s all good with me. Sometimes people get angry with me for asking. I don’t really understand that reaction but to each their own I suppose. One of the stranger things I’ve noticed in photographing faces is a certain look guys put on. We might be talking, laughing together and having a beer but as soon as the camera comes up it’s like WHAM, they need to look tough. No smiling allowed. Once I’ve taken their pictures they go back to being themselves. I don’t get it. Any ideas would be welcome.

Anyway, here they are, the tough guys.

Faces 235

Faces 96






Faces 516



Faces 353

Faces 296

I’ll let you in on a secret. One of these guys actually was tough. I’ll let you try to figure out which one it is.


4 thoughts on “Daily Dozen – Tough Guys

    • It’s hard to say. Most of the guy’s whose photos I take do smile. There is a pose though, that head back thing, that some guys do for some reason. I went to the site you linked to and posted a comment on my work. I question those findings – smiling people get more views than unsmiling ones.

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