Daily Dozen – Smoking (only 11)

Maybe it’s that I take most pictures inside, or maybe it’s that fewer people smoke these days – but whatever the reason, I have only 11 photographs of people smoking. That’s a good thing. As you can see, based on a completely non-scientific sampling, men are more likely to smoke from women. Go figure.

Faces 798
One thing I noticed in looking at smokers’ photos is that a lot of them look kind of out of it.

Faces 938
He doesn’t look out of it. But then he isn’t actually smoking either.

Another smoking poser – but to be honest, he lit up seconds later.

Faces 503
I didn’t say anything but he should probably put that cigarette out.

faces 635
The fact that this photo was taken in January means it shows a dedication to the act of smoking.

This is Samuel. I haven’t seen him around for a long time. Hopefully his habit hasn’t caught up with him.

Faces 965
Thumbs up for cigarettes! He seems to be saying.

This fellow wanted to sell me a watch. I wasn’t buying.

This is Mel. She’s prolly smoking a clove.

Faces 817
Another example of the wasted smoker stare.

Taken on a cold night in April.

There you have it for the day. Apologies for no dozen yesterday. That happens.


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