Fresh Faces 29 – Rectangular Glasses

I had bigger plans for today’s Faces but I’m too busy to pull it together. It will be coming over the weekend I think and is going to be a set of people singing. That will have to wait though. For now, I’m showing a dozen people wearing rectangular glasses. I’ve had a pair for a few years and see them everywhere these day.

Faces 53
I like the corn background on this one.

Faces 129
This woman was at PodCamp Boston 3. It was the first event where I really went to town photographing faces (I think 150 people that day). She’s pretty and her glasses look good.

Faces 395
I don’t know how I feel about the white edge on this pair. It makes them look a little “future is now.”

Faces 966
I took this picture outside Kinsale in Boston on night. I thought this woman was really attractive.

This is Brian. I see him around Boston at various technology and social media events. I’ll bet if I really looked I’ve got at least a few pictures of him. He’s a nice looking guy.

This is my old colleague and total pal Sheila. You’ve seen her in a paper hat, now you see her in rectangular glasses.

Here’s Geoff Livingston at the old MIT Media Lab sportin’ the recs.

This is Carissa. I’ve taken her picture a few times over the years. At some point I should do a set of the first photos I’ve taken of people (assuming there’s more than one of course).

This is my brother-in-law Matt. He’s got a different take on rectangle with the rimless top thing going on.

This woman is at PodCamp Boston 5. PodCamp Boston 6 is this weekend but for the first time in years I won’t be there. Bummer.

This is Dan Kennedy from Northeastern speaking at MIT. I’ll be photographing him at MIT again later today.

Face - a woman with blue eyes and blue earrings.
This woman just has the loveliest blue eyes. I should probably do a blue eye set soon. Her frames are another take on rectangles with the lower edge missing. It looks good.

There you have today’s dozen. Rectangular glasses. What will I think of next? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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