Fresh Face 28 – 12 People with Piercings

I know I did hoop earrings just the other day but I got a request for this set and don’t want to let anyone down. Piercings have gotten a lot popular over the past ten or twenty years. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of people only to realize, “hey, that person has a piercing in their face.” Piercing pics also turn out to be pretty popular. I went through a ton of photos and have picked a dozen that I hope everyone will dig. Feast your eyes on these guys and gals with metal moles, protrusions, studs and more.

faces 920
This is a slightly unusual configuration – a nose stud and a Monroe. I guess it’s a nice look.

Maybe I shouldn’t be posting this one but I am. It’s not a face (obviously) but I like it a lot. This woman was a waitress in LA. I was there for work and we kept going to this bar and wondering about the studs on her sternum. To be it was obvious that it was a piercing but some of the people I was with were sure they were magnets. Magnets. Have you ever heard anything so silly in your life? I asked her if I could take her picture and she give me the thumbs up – as long as I didn’t show her face . . .

faces 919
Why does this guy have a beard? Because shaving with the stud in his soul patch would be tougher than leather, that’s why.

Yeah, I did hoop earrings the other day but these ears are pretty cool. So was this girl. It was a Saturday night at the Corner at the Middle East in Central Square. Her tattoos and big ol’ ear thing were great.

Ah it’s wonderful little Wendy, my dear and darling wife.

This little missy is Ginger Buttons. Notice the small black Monroe? I accosted this woman on the street in New York and told her she looked like my friend Ginger Buttons. After we established that she wasn’t Ginger I wandered away. Then I came running back and asked to take her picture because anyone who saw her would swear she was Ginger Buttons. Don’t you think she looks like her?

This is Elizabeth from the Cambridge Brewing Company. I’ve photographed her three times over three years. She’s adorable.

There’s a lot going on on this face. First the studs up on the bridge and then the lower lip. The lower lip is the one I don’t understand. Doesn’t it mean stuff dribbles out?

The combination of nose and all the piercings on the her ear make this a photo I like a lot. It was taken at my friend Sheila’s birthday (or was it her going away party).

There’s something kind of sloppy looking about this tongue piercing.

Face - woman with two nose studs and a pretty smile
This woman has a great smile. She also has two studs in her nose. It was the first time I’d seen that particular piercing and I have to say I like it a lot.

There’s a lot going on with this face as well – lower lip, upper ear, enlarged lobe. I didn’t get shots of her right ear but I have to imagine there’s more happening there as well.

There’s today’s dozen for everyone. Just as I found that men wear more hats than women (at least in my photos) so I discovered that more women have piercings than men. Is that something you’ve notices as well? Let me know if you have anything you’d like to see tomorrow!

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