WebInno29 Post-view

WebInno29 was good. There were some strong companies in the mix and I’ll get to that in a moment. First though, let me share my biggest disappointment of the evening – few of my usual-suspect chums showed up! Hats off to Tom Summit, Ari Herzog and Kelley Kassa. It was good to see you all. And special thanks to Kelley. When I discovered the ATM at the Royal Sonesta was out of order I was left high and dry. Thankfully Kelley kindly offered to buy me a beer. What a lifesaver!

As usual, I didn’t get to talk with as many people from the various companies as I’d liked to have but let me share my impressions.

Certainly the company I had the highest expectations of going in was Practically Green and I wasn’t disappointed. The founder, Susan Hunt Stevens, explained how she started the company following a severe allergy situation with her child. That led to a spate of careful label reading and the realization that we are exposed to and ingest a lot of really bad stuff. To deal with this Susan got a graduate degree in sustainable design at the Boston Architectural College. As part of the program she was exposed to the LEED system and thought the approach could be applied to everyday life. The result is Practically Green. As impressed as I was by the site when I fooled around with it the other day I was even more impressed after talking with Susan and the Practically Green team. They’ve done a deep and thoughtful job in developing the site and encouraging a community. I hope you’ll check this one out and take the time to register and explore.

Now I wasn’t as excited by Followup.cc the other day and I’m still not sure if I’m going to start using the service. I will say that I was more impressed with it than I though I’d be. It has total utility and I’m sure it will work well with many people’s workflows. While I need something like this I fear it’s probably too much to expect that I’ll remember to take advantage of Followup. That says much more about me than Followup though so if you’re looking for a simple tool to keep you on the straight and narrow this might be just what you’re looking for.

I was also impressed by Unbound Commerce. They’re able to create custom mobile (and social) commerce experiences based on a company’s existing commerce infrastructure. They don’t just shrink an existing commerce site down to squeeze it into a mobile browser or tab – they use the assets from the commerce site and layer them with appropriate capabilities. For example, they’re able to use a mobile devices GPS to steer shoppers to the closest outlet and support click to dial to allow phone orders. Not necessarily earth-shattering capabilities but the kinds of things retailers are looking for – and something that Unbound Commerce can apparently provide very easily. Cool.

Post Post is neat. They’re going to keep the focus on Twitter for the next few months and then will be expanding the sources they index. I can’t say that I’ll use this often but I can imagine times when I might just want what my friends think about a specific topic.

At some point I really want to sit down and talk to the people from Media Armor. I keep seeing and hearing about it in small snippets and continue to be impressed. I think I’d be more impressed if I could get the full story.

Heretoo confuses me. The other day when I went to the site it was still in private beta. Last night it was live and I signed up. For some reason I couldn’t log in with Facebook (it kept telling my by user name and password were incorrect). This morning I tried again and was able to get on. So what happened then? Well apparently there was some bacon in the wetlands behind my house and some sausage at the construction site across the street. Also one of my neighbors was hoarding some kind of technology. Clicking the items adds them to your “backpack.” These items can be collected, traded and sold for in-game currency. As you find items you can level up. You can also purchase and give gifts to your Facebook friends. I don’t think I get this one but maybe you will. If you do, can you please help me understand?

Those were really the only companies I saw in any detail last night. Wish I’d seen more but such is life.

2 thoughts on “WebInno29 Post-view

  1. Thanks for coming by our table, Greg.

    Using PostPost is believing! I’ll send you a link to the next version (the version we previewed last night) when we launch it, later this week.

    Brad, PostPost

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