Is this the end?

For weeks I haven’t been able to get my flash off my camera. One of the pins doesn’t seem to be retracting. It’s kind of a pain. What’s worse about it is that I can’t close my camera bag properly. Last night I paid the price.

(Here are the most recent photographs from my 1000 Faces project – which I was planning on working on when my camera broke.)

We were going to see Matisyahu. I had my camera in the back of the car. We realized that car was just about out of gas so we decided to take the other one. I reached in to grab my bag and as I swung it onto my shoulder the camera fell out – onto the concrete floor of the garage.

The lens cover and filter few off. The worst damage is that the shoe has come undone and is hanging to the camera by one screw. I can’t seem to get i back on (or off) and the flash still won’t come off (and nor will it fire any more).

The camera is a Canon Digital Rebel. The original model. From 2003. It has a host of little problems: the onboard flash doesn’t work any more, the battery door has to be taped closed, the single exposure setting doesn’t work and the padding around the eye piece is long gone.

All that said, it still met my needs pretty well. Not that I wasn’t thinking of replacing it at some point – just not right away. Frankly, even if I wanted to replace it right away it just isn’t in the cards from a cash flow perspective – what with the holidays and all. (Shockingly, I would like a camera that isn’t super cheap . . .)

What’s tough is that I really, really love my camera. I love taking people’s photographs. I love meeting new people and having a reason and an opportunity to engage with them.

My camera – and the 1000 Faces project – has been a huge source of pleasure and satisfaction for a long time. Now, for the foreseeable future at least, that’s over.

I’m going to think of some new projects I can do with the images I already have but there aren’t going to be any fresh faces for some time.


update – last night I managed to get the shoe off the camera but that’s about all. It was bent so there was no way for me to get it back on properly.

Oh angel of imaging give me succor!


10 thoughts on “Is this the end?

  1. KatherineB says:

    Oh Greg,

    I feel you pain. I did the same thing to my Nikon D70 last winter. And to my 70-300 zoom lens. Shattered both filters, cracked the body of the Nikon … it was sickening.

    I had great luck with these guys ( who were able to inspect, repair and clean both lenses and the body for a total cost of about $300.

  2. That’s heartening to hear Katherine. I was able to get the shoe off last night but it was too bent up for me to reattach. I have it sort of working for the moment but am going to have to have it looked at.

  3. I know you said you’re low on cash, but if you DO want to replace it, google Canon’s Loyalty program. Sending them a broken Canon camera gets you a 20%+ discount on refurbished models in stock.

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