WebInno28 Postview

First of all, why isn’t “postview” a word? Why is it “review” when we look back? I like postview, especially when it’s connected – as is the case here – with a preview.

Overall, last night was an awesome WebInno. I met a ton of really great people, caught up with lots of friends, got some good photographs and overall had a blast. Of course WebInno isn’t just about fun and games though . . . there were some cool technologies on hand. I wrote about all of them in my preview. Having the chance to see the products and talk with the people behind them has caused me to revise my opinions (in some cases). Here are refreshed takes on the companies of WebInno28.

FanSwarm – I am revising my opinion in *some* cases. FanSwarm is not one of them. I still don’t get it. I still don’t like celebrities and the demo was WAY too long. As the team presented the murmuring in the room got perceptibly louder as time seemed to crawl by. The guys were affable enough and in conversations afterward made some good points about the game. I wish them luck but I’m not buying it.

How about we . . . – I liked these guys to begin with and only liked them more after seeing the demo and talking with Michelle Dozois. As I mentioned in the preview, I have a long history with dating sites and liked what I saw and heard from How about we . . . very much.

Moontoast – I had a good conversation with Jeff Sable, the VP of sales. I was already pretty positive about MoonToast. Their point of view is one that I agree with and they seem to be providing a sensible and solid approach to creating and supporting communities – and commerce.

Ginger Software – I was really impressed by Ginger. Describing this as a grammer checker doesn’t tell the whole story. It also deals with *serious* spelling issues. I have a 12 year-old daughter who spells things so mysteriously that I often can’t make out what she’s trying to say. They showed a demo that made sense of some of the craziest spelling I’ve ever seen. Not only that though, if you highlight one of the suspect words it will provide the meaning of the word and a couple of potential alternatives. I was really impressed and have asked to be a beta tester for the Mac product. Overall very very cool.

My Take I feel bad but I didn’t have a chance to stop and chat with My Take.

Penmia – I had the chance to talk with a couple of people from Penmia last night. They were both great. They tried mightily to explain the benefit to me. I just wasn’t getting it though. In some ways Penmia reminded me of the larger problem of digitizing everything – loss, lockdown, etc.

What happens if I entrust all of my thoughts to a service like Penmia and they go out of business? Or they change their business model and there is a fee to access the site? I’m out of luck that point. I don’t like the idea of being hostage to technology in order to have access to content. The most egregious example of this to me is the Kindle.

I understand we don’t live in a paper-based world and there’s lots positive to be said for that and I’m certainly no luddite; but to me there are other considerations. For example, diaries and private papers are critical for historians. Even for families coming across the diaries of a long dead relative can be fascinating. There’s even something to be said for stumbling across one’s own journals years later.

To be cut off from these casual encounters with an unexpected past by technology is a loss that doesn’t provide any great benefit. Perhaps I’m being old fashioned but the upside just doesn’t seem to be here.

SocialSci – I didn’t have a chance to talk with SocialSci

Smashion – I did talk with the Smashion team a bit. They were surprised to hear abou the vaporizer ads on their site. It was apparent that Smashion isn’t for me. At all.

Promoboxx – Promoboxx is very cool. I liked it a lot and had a nice conversation with their CEO. I came away with the impression that Promoboxx would be a great feature for a larger platform. I suspect that they’ll be successful in building a nice base and then will find a number of platform vendors who’d like to add better promotion capabilities.

Woopid – Woopid does rhyme with stupid. There’s no way around it. I was told “you don’t need to feel stupid if you use Woopid!” That didn’t make the name sound less like stupid. That’s a problem with made up words I guess. I mean if we all knew that Woopid ment wicked smart this would make a lot more sense.

I was impressed by the technology though. What’s on their site now is fairly early beta. They have a version 2.0 which was much better. What they really have is a video search and delivery platform. It may still be rough around the edges but I can imagine a ton of applications for better video search – particularly for an enterprise. At the moment Woopid also does the production – which has it pros – but ultimately they’ll need to be more flexible about content to allow organizations to populate the system with existing data or third-party video that meets specific needs.

The name is still a problem though . . .

I hope these reflections help clear up my thoughts on the various companies.


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