A New Way to Follow 1000 Faces

I’ve wanted to make my face photographs available on Facebook for a while; but I didn’t want to simply post them there. What I’ve ened up doing is creating a page for the project but have left all of the images on Flickr. There were a couple of reasons for this – first, I don’t want to give Facebook any rights to these photographs and I’ve heard conflicting reports about what they are able to do with content posted to the site. Second I don’t like the way Facebook compresses and resizes images. Sure, it’s OK for some things but I don’t like they way they look on there.

I’m posting a link to a Face of the Day – which have been faces from earlier in the collection and have two slide shows of the first and second 1000 Faces sets. It’s been fun combing through some of my older pictures to choose the faces of the day. The way I’ve treat the pictures over time has changed. I like the new look much better than the earlier ones (not that I don’t like the early ones – just like the new ones more).

I hope you’ll check it out if you have a chance. You can find the Facebook page here.


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