Sometimes things are easier than you think!

I got an email from Ragan Communications today. The subject line was “Wish you had 2 million twitter followers?.”

“Want to build your brand on Twitter?

Let a brand with 2 million+ followers—
Google—show you how!”

The note then goes on to describe an upcoming webinar with a senior manager of communications at Google.

Save your time! I can help you with two SIMPLE STEPS to becoming a TWITTER SUPER STAR!!!!

Step One – Create one of the world’s most successful and well-known brands.
Step Two – Set up a Twitter account.

If you do each of these things (in the proper order) you will achieve great success even without this webinar.

If you are not able to quickly establish a powerful global brand you might not – even with this webinar – attain millions of followers on Twitter.


One thought on “Sometimes things are easier than you think!

  1. Samuel D. Conti says:

    Well, Greg, you’ve done it again. You’ve cut to the very heart of the matter with a few, simple taps of your analytic fingers. I think I can propose that an outfit, maybe Coke, transfer all assets, name recognition, and good will, to me so that I can get a modest jump-start as a Twitter presence. I suppose, being the sole owner of Coke and all its related coordinated businesses, I will be able to enlist thousands of willing employees to do the truly difficult task of entering tweets needed to confirm my presence as a mover and shaker. But please don’t shake the product(s) as doing so may cause an eruption. You see, I have just followed your simple instructions and am now awaiting my nibble-fingered employees to make thrilling announcements about my tweetability and my significant presence by virtue of that presence allow. I feel so majestic, so imperial, so august, having followed your clear and simple instructions. Have you obtained copyright protection. It would be disruptive of my long-term plans if some Swiftian yahoo were to follow my ground-breaking leadership, perhaps with a Pepsi or IBM brand. We shall see. Thanks for your majestuous opus. Keep smiling. SDC

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