No 1

How annoying. The number one on my cell phone has stopped working. Because I’m unemployed I shut down my iPhone and started using an old Sony Ericsson. Now that phone is dead. Do I root around the house for another old phone (I think I have a Razr someplace)? Do I reactivate my iPhone? Do I just get some cheapo one from AT&T?

I really hate incurring unnecessary expenses but a phone is pretty hard to be without.



2 thoughts on “No 1

  1. Timo says:

    I use T-Mobile (pay-as-you-go). I got the cheap phone for $50 and pay $10.00 for 30 minutes for 3 months. They’ve expaneded it to be for 12 months. After I use up the 30 minutes I just dial *233 and add to it in $10/increments. Very affordable. Not fancy (no photo capacities or whatever) but very cheap and useful. There’s T-Mobile stores all over the place ( One in Harvard Sq and one in Central Sq). No. I don’t work for T-Mobile. Hope this helps.

  2. Naresh Malhotra says:

    Greg: I read with interest your “Introduction to case Studies” in the New Media, New Influencers and Implications for Public Relations research study by SNCR. I would like to get more information on these case studies. Can you please help.
    Many thanks.

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