Technology finally bites me

I love technology. I always have and I imagine I always will. (Unless I turn into some kind of a luddite when I get old or something.) As I’ve fallen in love with more and more tech I’ve seen lots of old familiar things being replaced. My collection of wax cylinders by gramophone disks by reels by LPs by cassettes by CDs by MP3s.

Somehow I thought *I* would be immune to being replaced by technology. A smart strapping man like me – what could go wrong? What on earth could appear and make me redundant? Three annoying little letters – GPS.

I’ve always been proud of my sense of location and direction. Most of the time I know which way I’m facing and it’s nearly impossible for me to get lost. I was once in Singapore with a colleague who lived there. We left the office for lunch and as we headed back I was certain we were going the wrong way. He laughed and raised an eyebrow and told me he’d lived there for most of his life and of course knew where he was going.

Until a few minutes later when he realized he’d been mistaken and I was correct.

It’s always been my favorite secret super power. If I’ve been someplace once – even if I was just a passenger at night – I can find my way back. I could amaze people with this skill on a regular basis.

Now, thanks to GPS, this ability is old hat. My differentiator is no more. I am just another face in the crowd when it comes to getting from point A to point B and I’m not happy about it. This isn’t to say that I don’t use and value GPS – it comes in really handy when getting to a place for the first time of for checking a hunch. It’s also very helpful when it comes to geocaching.

But now that GPS in on pretty much every device under the sun I feel like a manual typewriter – a curiosity that serves no real purpose.

Snurk . . .


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