Photography and Fatherhood

Anyone who knows me even in passing knows I take lots of pictures – and mostly pictures of people’s faces. People that know I have kids often ask me why I don’t post pictures of kids – my own or anyone else’s. The main reason is around kids’ privacy. I just don’t feel comfortable posting their pictures publicly.

A few weeks ago there was a surprise party for my brother-in-law James. There were 30 or so people at his house and I thought it would be nice to get shots of everyone there for an album of the day. Since my kids were there I took their photographs as well. I put all the pictures into an album on Facebook and also added them to Flickr.

Within an hour the picture of my 11 year old daughter had almost 100 views. Many of them came from anonymizers. I’m sorry, but that’s creepy. I took the photo down right away and am going back to my strict policy of not posting kids. There are just too many odd balls out there for me to be comfortable.

I hate having to limit what I do or to feel paranoid about the pictures I take or post but that’s something I guess you have to do sometimes if you want to be active online. Have other people had similar experiences?

8 thoughts on “Photography and Fatherhood

  1. snappy009 says:

    i totally agree. i keep to that as well… i don’t post pictures of any people in my blogs, flickr, etc.

    i do have my own picture as my profile, but i try to be careful to keep the details shown in the shots to a minimum (wearing shades, hat over my eyes, obstructing part of the face, etc).

    there ARE a ton of creepers out there, and it’s sad that we’ve come to a point that we need to be so careful. :/

  2. Greg,

    This never even occurred to me. I posted a picture of my niece quite a while ago and thought nothing of it, but now I will.

    Thanks for the heads up. I know a lot of people who post pictures of their kids on Facebook. Do you think FB poses the same risk?

    • I think Facebook is a bit less of an issue – depending on how you configure your privacy settings – since since access to content can be limited to specific people or groups. But they’ve been doing more lately to make the site more open and accessible so it’s probably worth checking out.

  3. I never really thought about that when posting the stuff on youtube of my kids…..those get alot of hits but my family is so big I assumed it was them…… got me thinking pal 🙂

    • I’ve posted pictures of the kids in the past but never noticed the kind of spike I saw with this one. It may be that it was just an anomaly but I’m going to treat it like the norm.

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