Time on my hands

I’ve always wanted more time to do the random things I want to do – work on my photography, writing, reading, etc. Now that I have the time (I was laid off last week) I don’t feel free to do what I’d like. I suspect if the circumstances of my freedom were different I’d feel differently; but as it stands I feel like I need to stay focused on finding work.

What’s really odd to me right now – and I’m sure it will pass or become normalized – is a way of defining the time I’m in. It feels sort of like an endless weekend. I know there are things on the horizon but the horizon never gets any closer. It’s going to be especially challenging for me when everyone else here at the house is fully back at work and school themselves. It’s been great having more time with my kids but that ends on Tuesday.

Such is life. I suppose it will be good for me to get more focused on what’s ahead then be distracted by fun.


2 thoughts on “Time on my hands

  1. Ben says:

    Greg, A lot of irony of course. During my unemployment in 2001 I had a lot fun and went to school. BTW it was great see so much of you and your family at camp.

  2. essygie says:

    Hi Greg, sorry to hear about being laid off. Been there myself so understand how worrying about getting another job stops you from enjoying your free time.

    I recommend having a routine – getting up at the same time each day and having allotted time slots for job search/chores/writing/photos – I find this keeps you focused on getting everything done. But also make sure to have a ‘knocking off’ time too – so that at the end of the day you can relax without feeling guilty and start the next day feeling refreshed.

    Hope this helps and good luck with job search and have fun with creative stuff!


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