Fresh Faces 11

Wow – it’s been way too long since I posted fresh faces. I was on vacation – not once but twice, lost my job, got focused on other things blah, blah, blah . . . But this morning let me make amends by playing a little catch up. Hope you enjoy them.

If you’re in the Boston-area and are planning a party or an event and would like to have me come and capture faces let me know. I’m sure we could work something out.

Ive met this smiling woman a few times.  She and her sister sing together sometimes and theyre great fun.
Walking down the street having an ice cream
Front man for Metalliham

WebInno23 Preview

It’s Sunday and I’ve only just registered for Tuesday’s WebInno 23. I was number 952. That’s absolutely crazy. Almost 1000 people. When I went to my first WebInno in July of 2006 I think I counted about 100 people was was impressed. It’s awesome how the community here in Boston has grown and how central WebInno has been (at least for me) in fostering that community. Hats off to everyone who’s had a hand in making WebInno what it is – from Dave and the rest of the organizing crew to all the companies that have shown off their stuff over the years. Excellent work.

So what’s on tap for Tuesday night and how do the various companies look to me? Let’s have a look . . .

Main Dishes

Book of Odds – I like this. There’s not much to see but the idea is pretty awesome. They’re saying it’s the “missing dictionary – one of numbers.” There’s something mystic and mysterious about numbers and creating a compendium of them seems like something out of Harry Potter. Their demo is being billed as a “pre-launch sneak preview.” I will be watching this one with anticipation.

Epernicus – Where Science Meets – Seems to be a social network for scientists, a pretty cool idea. But since I’m not a scientist (despite my best efforts at pretending sometimes) it’s hard for me to judge the strength of value of the offering. From a layman’s perspective though I wasn’t overly impressed. The home page did a poor job of explaining the value of the site (at least to me) and when I went into the directory to see a few profiles I wasn’t that impressed by the depth or quality of the content.

Now there were certainly some profiles that were really awesome – but there were more than a few that were hardly populated at all. In total, there are more than 16,300 profiles. I don’t know if that’s a big number or not. I’m not terrible impressed by it but I don’t know how long the company has been around so it’s a bit hard to judge.

One of the things I like about the site is the idea of each members genealogy. While I didn’t see a clear explanation of this – I gathered that it’s a visualization of advisers/professors/colleagues/mentors/mentees/students/etc for members. I like the idea a lot – it’s a great way to conceptualize someone’s intellectual lineage. Unfortunately, in order to see the profiles behind the names you need to log in. I think as a tool to explore linkages between ideas it would be better open but I can understand the desire to encourage registration.

Overall I applaud the concept of Epernicus but have concerns about the execution – I’m looking forward to seeing the demo and having a chance to talk to the people behind the company.

BatchBook – WTF? These guys want people to PAY for their product? Didn’t anyone send the memo? Everything is supposed to be free . . . I mean come on, putting a link to sign up and get pricing right on the front page? Puh-leez.

Kidding aside this one is awesome. It’s essentially a really powerful and full-featured Web-based contact management system. They call themselves social CRM and I guess that’s a good place to start. Not only does it have pretty much any function you could desire – from a simple contact list to collecting recent posts and comments from your contacts to integrating with current email and calendaring systems – but they do an incredible job of explaining the major areas of the service.

Click me impressed – they really seem to have thought this through very thoroughly. I can’t wait for the demo.

Side Dishes

ClickFrames – Build web apps with a single source of truth for every member of your team. Whaa? What does that even mean? I didn’t realize that Web app team members were on a quest for truth in the first place. Here I am being rude but I’ll be honest – I don’t really get what these guys do – but in my defense, they really don’t go out of their way to explain it very clearly. Maybe you understand it and can explain it to me Golden Book’s style if you see me on Tuesday. Otherwise I guess I’ll check them out myself and will try not to seem too stupid as I ask my questions.

BetterLesson – Create, Organize and Share Your Curriculum. There have been a few curriculum sharing companies at WebInno over the years and I’ve been impressed by many of them. I really like the look of BetterLesson. I wish I could better recall some of the other ones for comparison; but on its own, these guys look pretty polished.

Baydin – I’ll be honest, back when I had a job (and let me just say not having one sucks) I used email as my main file system. I think that’s true for most people. I’ll also say that finding all of the relevant information in this ad hoc system was no breeze. Anything – and I mean anything – that could improve this process would have been great. That’s what Baydin promises. I like what these guys are saying they can do, I like their attitude and approach. I’m looking forward to meeting and hanging out with them a little on Tuesday.

The Idea Startup – Powering Entrepreneurs. Empowering Ideas. I can’t say I have a really clear idea of what this tag line means but that’s OK. They’ve done a good job on the site of explaining what they offer. I have to imagine that in today’s economy a set of tools designed to make it easier for people to get their ideas off the ground will fare pretty well. – Local Twitter Trends. This is fun but is it a company? Sure, it’s kind of cool to see what the top trends in various cities – what can explain that “Mark Twain” is the top trend in Anchorage, or “Zombie Fart” is number one in Edinburgh – but how valuable is it? I’ll check it out and am following them but after a deep breath I kind of only have a sigh.

Tripleseat – Book More Faster. So I go to the site and I see the tag line. OK, book more what I wonder. I look at the top of the browser window and see “Restaurant Industry Catering banquet software.” Hmmm. This is pretty specialized software so who am I to judge. I’ll probably send the link to a friend who’s been in the restaurant/catering business for a while to see what he has to say.

So there’s my totally subjective thoughts on the companies slated to be at WebInno on Tuesday. There are some pretty cool ones, a few that don’t do much for me and a couple that I’m gonna need a hand getting my head around. If you have any thoughts or insights on any of these companies I’d love to hear them. No matter how you slice it I’m looking forward to Tuesday night and hope to see you there.

The Washington Times and White House Social Media

The Washington Times – reports today that the White House is collecting comments and videos posted on its various social media profiles – on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and Slideshare. Their beef is that the White House is doing this with out informing people that they are saving and archiving the posts.

Of course these are public forums where comments can be seen by pretty much anyone and which are stored and searchable for as long as the Web shall live. Everyone actively participating in social media (by posting comments or videos) ought to understand at this point that in the digital age public comments are public. How is this so complicated to understand?

The article goes on to make the point that if people realize their comments are stored it could have a “chilling effect” on Web users that might want to be critical of the administration. I don’t know, there seem to be plenty of places where Web users can be critical of pretty much anything they want. Conservative groups are quoted repeatedly throughout the article talking about this as a privacy issue. I’m sorry, but if you post and participate in public the expectation of privacy seems pretty silly.

Photography and Fatherhood

Anyone who knows me even in passing knows I take lots of pictures – and mostly pictures of people’s faces. People that know I have kids often ask me why I don’t post pictures of kids – my own or anyone else’s. The main reason is around kids’ privacy. I just don’t feel comfortable posting their pictures publicly.

A few weeks ago there was a surprise party for my brother-in-law James. There were 30 or so people at his house and I thought it would be nice to get shots of everyone there for an album of the day. Since my kids were there I took their photographs as well. I put all the pictures into an album on Facebook and also added them to Flickr.

Within an hour the picture of my 11 year old daughter had almost 100 views. Many of them came from anonymizers. I’m sorry, but that’s creepy. I took the photo down right away and am going back to my strict policy of not posting kids. There are just too many odd balls out there for me to be comfortable.

I hate having to limit what I do or to feel paranoid about the pictures I take or post but that’s something I guess you have to do sometimes if you want to be active online. Have other people had similar experiences?

Time on my hands

I’ve always wanted more time to do the random things I want to do – work on my photography, writing, reading, etc. Now that I have the time (I was laid off last week) I don’t feel free to do what I’d like. I suspect if the circumstances of my freedom were different I’d feel differently; but as it stands I feel like I need to stay focused on finding work.

What’s really odd to me right now – and I’m sure it will pass or become normalized – is a way of defining the time I’m in. It feels sort of like an endless weekend. I know there are things on the horizon but the horizon never gets any closer. It’s going to be especially challenging for me when everyone else here at the house is fully back at work and school themselves. It’s been great having more time with my kids but that ends on Tuesday.

Such is life. I suppose it will be good for me to get more focused on what’s ahead then be distracted by fun.