Fresh Faces 10

The other day a friend asked me why I haven’t started a faces group on Flickr. I told him that there were plenty of groups that focused on faces but the more I thought about it the more I realized that there isn’t really a group that looks on faces the way that I’m interested in. There are plenty of groups that do focus on the face – Faces and Portrait*Faces are two great ones. While I like them both neither is exactly what I’m looking for – a place to share simple photos of faces with limited context, limited manipulation – natural, the way people present themselves to the world every day.

Most of the people I photograph are strangers (at least the first time we meet) and the shared act of photographing and being photographed can create a connect that’s locked in the image that created between us. Many of the strangers I’ve photographed are now friends and I love going back to that first photograph – when then were a face in a crowd or in a bar or on the street.

Photographing thousands of everyday people has given me a fresh and growing appreciation of how wonderful people are – how beautiful they are. I don’t mean beautiful from a strictly aesthetic perspective – but how much of a person’s essence can be captured in the brightness of the smile of the sparkle in their eyes.

So I’ve started a new group – 1000s of Faces – that I hope will be a place where other people can also share some of the faces they come across and think are wonderful. If you’re on Flickr join the group and contribute. If you’re not, come on already and sign up – and then join the group and contribute.

Now here are some recent fresh faces:


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