WebInno 22

For a while I wrote previews of the companies presenting at WebInno but then I just got way too busy and feel behind. Tonight marks my unofficial three-year anniversary of attending the event so I thought I’d dust off the ol’ keyboard and give a rundown of what’s going to be presented and what I think of the various companies.

Main Dish Companies

Planet Cazmo – It presents itself as “a virtual world set inside an alien solar system who have been inspired by music, hip hop and other earth cultural phenomenon.” Poor grammar aside, if I’m going to hang out in an alien solar system I want to check out the alien culture, I get plenty of earth cultural phenomenon right here thanks. I created an account (you can find me, I’m Bloopis McGee) and spent some time checking the site out.

The first thing I noticed was that it takes a long time to do things on the site. While it could be my connection (which isn’t the fastest on this planet) it felt pretty slow. I’m still waiting for it to load. Still waiting. Yep, still waiting. It’s been five minutes and I’m still waiting. I just got an error saying “connection lost” and got kicked back to the log-in screen. That’s not very much fun.

Not being able to log in is a problem when it comes to virtual worlds. But to be honest, this world probably isn’t designed for me. What I did see of it seemed cool enough – concerts, chat, etc. After a second unsuccessful login attempt I think you’ll have to check it out for yourselves.

Thunder Thimble – I think there needs to be a rule that any company with an inscrutable name has to explain it at WebInno. I loved that Crimson Hexagon (which isn’t dissimilar to T2) explained the whole Borges connection when they presented.

Thunder Thimble is another real-time conversation monitoring and engagement tool. It actually looks kind of cool and I’m looking forward to seeing a live demo. The online tour was helpful but it left plenty of questions unanswered. I guess I’ll have to wait a few hours to find out more.

BuySellAds – At the other end of the spectrum we have names that leave no mystery whatsoever. Hmmm, might buysellads be an online pet store, a dating site, the latest fad diet? No, no and no! Buysellads is just what it sounds like – a place to buy and sell ads. I’m not really in the market to buy or sell ads so I’m not really in a position to judge how cool or effective this site is. Instead, I’ll just share my basic impressions.

The site and service seem pretty straight forward. It appears to meet a clear need in a clear – if uninspiring – way. I’m for it. I’d like to hear from people who’ve used it – either as buyers or sellers – to get a sense of how well it does what it promises.

Side Dishes

Shareaholic – now this on is really spiffy. Step one – add Shareaholic to your browser. For me that meant dragging a button to my shortcut bar and clicking it when i had something to share across dozens of services. I get it, it’s awesome. You should use it.

Muzzy Lane – 3D browser-based gaming? Sign me up. I think that the growth in mobile gaming could take a bite out of interested in browser-based games but hey, it looks good, seems cool and is perfect for conference calls.

Localytics – you know what? I love statistics and analytics. I hardly ever actually need them but show me a good graph and I’m yours. I also happen to like mobile stuff so if you can mix mobile and analytics it’s pretty darn cool. That’s what Localytics promises and it is good.

Fluent Mobile – imagine you have an iPhone. Maybe you do. If so, take it out of your pocket. Now imagine you can read the news on your iPhone. What? You can? But can you get news from multiple sources all at once? Now you can – it’s free, it’s slick and it’s cool.

Tor – talk about a cool name. This just sounds like some kind of angry Scandinavian to me – and it might well be. Tor is an open source project that helps protect your anonymity online. And goodness knows in these days of sneaky agencies poking their nose into everyone’s business we sure need it. Not that any of us have anything to hide . . .

Capture Code – I’ll be honest, I looked at this site and my head got kind of numb. 2D bar code? POS? Merchant-driven marketing solutions? Maybe I’ll understand when I see it but this is sure filled with marketing language that makes what they do Greek to me.

So that’s the round up. I’m getting ready to head over there now and shall see what I shall see. Hope to see you there.


4 thoughts on “WebInno 22

  1. You requested an opinion on BuySellAds.com, I’ll tell you my opinion as an advertiser, publisher and part of the staff.

    It’s simply the best way to sell ad space, for a fixed price and a fixed period (30 days) in the niche of web design and development.
    Why? Becuase the biggest players in the market love the quick and hasslefree system of buying ads on targeted sites.

    In 2 words: Total control.

    Try it out! 😉

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