Fresh Faces 4

Not a bad week for photographing people. But I am slow on processing the pictures so all of these are from the Chicken Bone on Wednesday. I’m really digging Lightroom 2 and have been enjoying figuring it out and putting it to work. A while ago – when I first started using it – I was not happy with the results. Now that I’m getting the hang of it I’m happy.

Nick My Skin

Small slights and little lies
Nick …. my …. skin
Doesn’t hurt when it happens
Only when I notice them
Then they start to weep or bleed

If I get enough of them
I’ll be cut to ribbons
My bones showing through
Sorry and exposed and sad
A fool and his pain on display

I wish could rewrap myself
In the tatters of my hide
And hide from the world
The truth of the lies
That touch and taunt
And hurt and haunt

Fresh Faces 3

My birthday is June 9th so I decided to have some people over this weekend. And people over means pictures. I ended up going out as well and so got photos in a couple of places – my house, the Chicken Bone and at a party. I managed to get some photos for 1000faces and others for People Together.

One of the things I’ve discovered in working on the 1000faces project is that my sense of attractive differs from that of many people I know. I’m constantly surprised by the photos I think will be really popular (and then aren’t) vs the ones I think are fine but then turn out to be super popular. I’ll be doing something around that soon I think. If you have a chance, I’d love to hear what you think is attractive.

Here are the photos:

One Face for Thursday and a New Project

Just one face yesterday, but a nice one I think:

I got a comment from Essygie – whose photos and poetry I enjoy – suggesting that I maybe do some shots with multiple faces. Now this is something I used to do. But then I got confused. When I was working on the first 1000 faces how would I count them? One didn’t seem right but having to keep track of multiple faces – what a pain that would be. . . So I took all the multiple faces out. To share these people I’ve created a new set – People Together – that shows people together (clever title eh?). I was pretty surprised when I started going through all my pictures to find I only had around 100. I do have more that I’ve never posted though. I guess I’ll start working on that this weekend. Here are a few People Together:

I love how the river looks

In the morning, the wind ripples across the water
Crews creep between its green banks
Its blue is like the sky – but softer and closer

As the day wears on the water changes
Choppy and disorganized as more boats appear
Sailboats, duck boats, tour boats and kayaks

And then at night calm returns
The last breezes of the day gently brush its banks
And the river is left to reflect the quiet star-filled sky

Fresh Faces

It really is starting to feel like summer. Over the past few days I’ve been out and about in some new (or at least not recently visited) places and have gotten some new pictures I like a lot. It started this past weekend at my 25th high school reunion. The turn out for my class wasn’t as well-represented as we’d hoped (there were only five . . .) but there were almost 200 people spread over graduating classes from 1938 to 2004. Here are a few of those faces:

Yesterday I went up to Inman Square in Cambridge. Sheila and I went up to tape the installation of an exhibit at the 1369 Cafe. We started with a beer at Bukowski, when and shot and then had another beer. There were some great faces:

I’m starting to work on some new videos based on the faces. One of men, one of women, young people, older people, etc. I’ll be posting them as they’re ready.