Over the past ten years I’ve mostly had hair on my face. For nine years it was a full beard. Here’s a brief history of my beards:

This was the short version of my standard beard. I generally went with this as a summer look – but to be honest, I think it was too short.

This was the mid-length version and it was good for most situations. Not to scant, not too bushy – technically I suppose it was just right.

This was about as long as my beard ever got. Long was my favorite version but I was just about the only person that thought so. After more than nine years, I decided to surprise everyone by taking the whole thing off. This was how I looked when I first shaved:

The consensus was that I look younger without a beard. I guess that’s true. I was getting pretty grey.

Not content to leave well enough alone though I started growing new beards almost right away.

First just a standard goatee.

Then an absurdly thin mustache. (It lasted a few weeks but never did much for anyone.)

Next came the goatee and mustache with missing middle. Just a little bit of hair up around my mouth. I thought it was pretty cool – but again I was clearly in a minority.

Finally I had what might be the silliest beard ever. I was trying to imagine what facial hair might look like in the future and decided that the future was now! I wanted something subtle and understated but that would still stand out in the facial hair universe. This is what I came up with:

The comments were not favorable. Here’s just a few:

“I can’t even look at you like that.”
“I’m thinking prison movie . . .”
“It looks like you were doing an art project.”
“Is that the 13th step?”

Not being entirely a fool, I decided it was time to go back to square one so I shaved:

I’ll be starting a new one soon but have decided to give my friends – and my follicles – a break. Don’t worry though, there’ll be more in the future.

One thought on “Beardvolution

  1. John says:

    Hi Greg,

    I was looking for the picture that you took, of me with
    my bike in front of the Chicken Bone sign. I looked
    on this site, as well as your flickr site, but culd not find it.

    I hope you post it somewhere soon, or at least email it
    to me.

    Man, you sure take a lot of pictures, and seem to enjoy it.

    Have fun, John

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