Fresh Faces

It really is starting to feel like summer. Over the past few days I’ve been out and about in some new (or at least not recently visited) places and have gotten some new pictures I like a lot. It started this past weekend at my 25th high school reunion. The turn out for my class wasn’t as well-represented as we’d hoped (there were only five . . .) but there were almost 200 people spread over graduating classes from 1938 to 2004. Here are a few of those faces:

Yesterday I went up to Inman Square in Cambridge. Sheila and I went up to tape the installation of an exhibit at the 1369 Cafe. We started with a beer at Bukowski, when and shot and then had another beer. There were some great faces:

I’m starting to work on some new videos based on the faces. One of men, one of women, young people, older people, etc. I’ll be posting them as they’re ready.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Faces

    • I did one a while ago – before I’d spent much time playing with video. It’s OK but the image quality is poor (used the wrong compression) and ought to have lined up the eyes for smoother transitions.

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