Back to my watch

I stopped wearing my watch years ago. Twenty years ago my wife gave me a Waltham wristwatch as a wedding gift.

It’s lovely – a silver Waltham from the teens with a porcelain face. The hands used to glow but they don’t anymore. I wore it every day for years but eventually, as more and more of the devices I carry came with time I stopped. The watch, like so many, ended up in a drawer.

A few weeks ago I heard a story about the 1000 Watch Project – where people were sending in their old watches to form a collection to eventually be donated to the Smithsonian. It led me to take my watch out again, wind it up and put it on. I liked the way it looked and decided to wear it for a while. (Just for the record, there’s NO WAY I would part with this one.)

After I’d been wearing it for a while I decided that it’s actually *easier* to check the time on it than to pull out my phone of Blackberry. I mean I just have to glance down and there it is – the time. It’s much more convenient and it’s a nifty accessory.

How many people are sans watch these days?

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