I started the day yesterday 40 faces from 1000 and thought I could finish last night at the Chicken Bone. I headed over there and went to work. I got a couple of nice shout outs from Scott Damgaard – the host of Bone-e-oke – letting people know what I was doing.

For three hours I made my way around the place taking pictures. I was doing the math in my head and was getting more and more excited as I counted down to number 1000. Just after midnight I thought I’d hit my goal and ware really walking on air. When I’d set out to do this 15 months ago 1000 seemed like a big and almost unattainable number.

As it got closer I realized it could be reached and that I was going to keep going even after I hit 1000. (It’s just too much fun to give up. I’ve met great people, made friends and have had a terrific time.) Last night was no exception. Not only did I get to hang out with friends I’ve made through 1000faces but I had the chance to try to extract a dead mouse from someone’s dashboard.

When I got home and started looking at and processing pictures I realized there was a problem. I was sure I’d counted right but no matter how hard I counted I kept coming up with the same number: 992. Eight away from my target. I’ll get there – and beyond . . .

Here though are a few of yesterday’s fantastic faces:

I think all these people are great. They were cool to let me take their pictures and for helping get *almost* to 1000 faces.

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