Wow. I can’t believe I’m this close to 1000 faces. It makes me feel a little giddy. Who will be number 1000? I was out on the street in Boston the other night taking pictures and one of the people I photographed really wanted it to be her – but she’s number 940 (sorry).

Earlier this week I started using Lightroom 2 (I’d been using an older version in the past) and wasn’t really happy with the way the pictures turned out on Flickr. Just kind of muted. Here are a few examples of great faces without great color (my apologies):

This past Thursday I was out at the Social Media Club Boston event and then went to Kinsale. I took a lot of pictures and was pretty careful processing them. When I went to upload them they ended up with the same washed out look. I began to experiment.

The problem happened when I exported from Lightroom to the Flickr Uploadr. It seemed to strip out most (but not all) of the processing I had done. I tried exporting the same images from Photoshop and the results were better but that added a whole new set of steps to my workflow and that wasn’t cool.

In the end, I found that if I exported the pictures from Lightroom to my desktop and then dragged them to the Flickr Uploadr it worked pretty well. Not 100 percent but I suspect that’s (as always) a function of monitors and rendering engines. Here are a few of the faces that helped me reach 960:

Stay tuned – number 1000 is just around the corner. But don’t worry – 1000 is only the beginning . . .


2 thoughts on “960

  1. hey greg – still think this is a cool project, going to check it out on flickr – would be interested to know what camera/lighting you’re using to take these shots – you get good results! – 🙂

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