Il Maggico makes a difference!

I haven’t posted an Il Maggico video in a while – but getting a note like this makes me want to get back to work.

My 5 year old Jack broke his glasses. He was upset that they didn’t have his frames. As the tears were streaming down his face, they put on the magnetic sunglasses that go with his new frames. He smiled and said…”Hey! I look like Il Maggico!” Now he’s happy. Thanks Greg!

Amazing – It’s Magic – Wow . . .


I’m pretty excited. I’ve posted 901 faces to my 1000faces project on Flickr. It’s not going to stop at 1000 but it feels cool to be within 100 of the magic number. I’ve had such a great time working on this project – and I’ve met some great people. Many who were strangers when I approached them to ask if I could take their picture are now friends and that’s pretty awesome. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the series so far – some are old, some are new but all of them are great to me.








One Wednesday Night in New York

The Faces of PodCampBoston

Kevin Rose

Looking through all of the pictures it makes me feel pretty lucky. Choosing ten is hard but going through them is easy. I’d love the hear how people feel about the photographs. And, as I’ve mentioned in the past, if you’re around Boston and would like your picture added to the set let me know.

New Music from Zuco 103

MY FAVORITE BAND – Zuco 103 – has some new music out. It’s hard to say it’s a new album exactly since it’s kind of a remix of their latest album Carnaval (which is awesome) – but Retouched is still pretty cool. There’s a 30 minute sample on their site – you should check it out.

If you’re not familiar with Zuco 103 you’re missing out. They’re a Amsterdam-based trio that mixes Brazilian and electronica and rhythm and melodies that keep you smiling. I don’t speak Portuguese so I don’t know what most of the songs are about. But you know what? It really doesn’t matter. The music and Lillian Vieira’s voice speak for themselves.

I listen to Zuco often and share it with people all the time. There’s something infectious and carefree about their music and almost always when people hear it they want to know who it is.

You can hear for yourself at

Twiku, twoetry, twoems?

Last week I think I started writing little poems on Twitter. I haven’t been sure what to call them. I was talking to my friend and colleague Tim Marklein and he suggested Twiku. I kind of like it. I don’t want to be constrained by the conventions of haiku but it sure sounds like an awesome term.

Here are the few I’ve done so far:

Fall into bed like a stone into water/Sink swiftly, settle softly/Coated like a rock with the dust of the day/Wait for the cleanse of sleep


Beauty is not/In the eye of the beholder/Beauty is in/The soul of the beheld


Sun through glass/Lulls my head heavy/I would sleep if I could/If I could I would/Dream someplace sunny/With pillows/But no glass


a late night/an early morning/a long train ride. sleep.

I’m sure there’s plenty of short poetry on Twitter already but a little more never hurts.

Red Sox Opening Day Video

I might not have had tickets to opening day; but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have any fun (not that this season is starting out fun . . .).

I went down to Fenway with a friend and we shot some video and did a little something with it:

I hope that game wasn’t the high point of the season . . .

Twitter poems

I’ve been thinking about poetry on twitter for a while. The character limit is an interesting challenge. I posted my first twitter poem tonight:

Fall into bed like a stone into water
Sink swiftly, settle softly
Coated like a rock with the dust of the day
Wait for the cleanse of sleep

I like it and have a few others I am working on. I will have to post them as I can.