Need. More. Power.

I love my Batavus moped. It’s so awesome. I’ve had it for almost a year and except for a few little snags here and there (like it being stolen, me breaking the drive pulley, break issues, etc.) it’s worked out pretty well. The one thing that it doesn’t have going for it is power. I’m not looking to tear up the road but the thing tops out at about 23 MPH (that’s 37 for you metric fans out there) and even less on hills so I got it in my head to tweak the performance a bit.

For the Holidays my frelative Chesley gave me a Biturbo pipe. It ought to give me a little bit of a boost. This past weekend my brother-in-law James and I installed the thing:

Biturbo two piece exhaust

Biturbo two piece exhaust

Here’s James retooling the holes a bit so it fits a little better onto the cylinder. So far so good.

Reboring the holes to mount the pipe

Reboring the holes to mount the pipe

Next we made a few cuts on the pipe so it could be bent slightly – to make it easier to get the peddle over it and to avoid some of the real wheel assembly:

Cutting the pipe

Cutting the pipe

That sure made a ton of sparks.

Finally, after we’d test fit the thing to the bike, James welded all the cuts and we mounted it for real.

Welding the pipe

Welding the pipe

Then came the moment of truth. We carried the thing back outside and I took it for a spin. Guess what. If anything, it’s even SLOWER now. And it has even LESS power going up hills. As you can probably imagine, I was kind of bummed out by this outcome. I’ve since learned that I need to retune my carburetor – but that’s a task for another day.

If anyone has experience or advice on how to do it please let me know. I could use a hand.

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