Twice recently my age has been an issue. I’m 42 but feel pretty much the way I did when I was any other age I can remember. What’s up with this age thing? In the first instance someone let me know that people thought it odd that I was friendly with people younger than me. I have friends that range in age from their 20s to their 70s and to be honest I have plenty of friends whose ages I will never know (since I probably won’t meet them in person).

The second instance was when I was talking about going out for the second time in a week and was told I was too old to be going out so much. Together these made me think about what age has to do anything. I mean I know that eventually there are some limitations caused by age but (fortunately) those haven’t hit me just yet.

It also made me think about something else; and that’s how the new relationships fueled by social media sites and services remove so many of the inadvertent limitations we put on ourselves when it comes to friends. There are people I have a great time with – whose age, race, income, sexual orientation, weight, attractiveness, hygiene, etc and invisible and irrelevant to me. I think this has rubbed off on my real-world as well.

(It’s also possible that these things haven’t mattered to me very much – thinking of some of my friends over the years. I am thinking of doing a survey on this – need to give it a bit more thought.


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