Safari 4

I downloaded Safari 4 earlier today and am just fooling around with it now. So far, so good. I like some of the new features. A lot. Others I am not so crazy about.

What I like.

    Top Sites is pretty nice. I especially like that it lets me know when pages have been updated (at least I’m assuming that’s what the star in the upper right hand of the page means).

    The whole Coverflow view of history is very cool. It would be even cooler if I could see the thumbnails of the sites further into the past. Right now it’s mostly good for the sites I visited in the recent past.

    It also seems faster than the pervious version – but I think it might be one of those measurable but not really perceptible kind of things. . .

What I wasn’t crazy about.

    The tabs along the top of the window. I’ll probably get used to it but I’m not sure the value it provides.

    Limited ability to customize the toolbar. Stop? Refresh? These appear to be MIA and I kind of liked them.

    It also seems a little odd – give that the tabs now appear on the top of the page (and seem to include the toolbars within them) – that you can’t create custom toolbars for specific tabs.

    Memory consumption (assuming this is just a beta thing). At 1.25 GB it is the heaviest consumer of virtual memory I have running.

This is all based on about an hour of use so I’m sure there’s plenty more to enjoy and fret over in here. Why not check it out for yourself?

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