Miracle Fruit Taste Test

So someone ordered some miracle fruit at work today for a client meeting. When all was said and done the fruit was produced – along with a variety for sour, spicy and acidic foods. The idea is that these small maroon berries will make everything just a little bit sweeter.

We all popped one into our mouths and peeled off the skin with our teeth, letting the mean melt and we gnawed softly on the seed. The fruit was sweet I guess but it’s flavor wasn’t that striking. After letting drift around my mouth for a while I gave it a final nibble and spit out the seed. Then it was time for some tasting.

Here’s what we had: grapefruit, lime, lemon, blue cheese, dill pickle, sour worms, Guinness, tabasco sauce and rice vinegar. Here’s what I thought. I didn’t taste the grapefruit. The lime was seriously sweet and tasty. Skipped the lemon. The blue cheese was sweet – which made it a little gross. The dill pickle was awesomely sweet. It was really really good. The sour worms were OK – not sour which made them better to me. I Guinness was sweet but not THAT sweet and I still drank it. The tabasco sauce was ok on my tongue but not so good on my throat. The vinegar tasted great but wasn’t so good going down.

It was novel having my food taste different I guess. I think I’ll need to try it again sometime but maybe tasting the stuff before and then after.

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