Fame and Fortune Weekly

I was digging around in the basement and came across a 1906 copy of “The Liberty Boys of 76 – A Weekly Magazine containing Stories of the American Revolution.” This is something I bought probably 20+ years ago.

While I was thumbing through it I came across an advertisement for another series, “Fame and Fortune Weekly – Stories of Boys Who Make Money.”

Here are just a few titles:

    “A Lucky Deal; or The Cutest Boy on Wall Street”
    “Hard to Beat; or The Cleverest Boy on Wall Street”
    “Baiting the Bears; of The Nerviest Boy on Wall Street”
    “A Sure Winner; or The Boy Who Went With a Circus” (I think this is my favorite)
    “Playing to Win; or The Foxiest Boy on Wall Street”
    “Heir to a Million; or The Boy Who Was Born Lucky”

Reading the description of the magazine made me wonder how far we’ve come in the last 100 years.

“This weekly contains interesting stories of smart boys, who win fame and fortune by their ability to take advantage of passing opportunities. Some of these stories are founded on true incidents in the lives of our most successful self-made men, and show how boys of pluck, perseverance and brains can become famous and wealthy.”

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