Creative Intelligence

I was out the other night and was talking to Matt Searles about art and creativity. It occurred to me that there are three types of creative thinking (at least that I’ve been able to identify.

The first is the creativity of ideation. This is thinking long and hard about what is behind expression. It’s wondering why an idea needs to be expressed and the rational for expressing it. This is critical thinking. Matt does it in spades.

The second is the creativity of narration. This is imaging a story and how it will look when it is told. It is entertainment and might not involve any deep ideas at all. This is how I think creatively.

The third is the creativity of production. This is grappling with the mechanics of creating. It is thinking about how to allow expression to occur and to solve problems. My brother-in-law James is like this.

Let me tell you a story about the three of us that illustrates what I am talking about. A few months ago James told me about a contest. The goal was to product a short video that would celebrate the 25th (I think) anniversary of the Lego minifig.

I sat around and thought about it for a while and had an idea. It was almost finished in my mind as I imagined it. I loved the story I’d come up with. But I recognized I wouldn’t be able to tell the story on my own.

First I would need someone who was familiar with the technology – and I thought of Matt since I know the kinds of things he does. I’d also need someone to help come up with a way to make a life-size minifig and thought of James. I got in touch with them and we all agreed to work together.

We met at my house to plan. I launched into telling the story. Right away, Matt started asking what I was trying to express, what might be behind the story. I, of course, had no idea. To me it was a nice story. While Matt and I were going back and forth, James, in the meantime had made a short stop-action movie on his own.

I have more thinking to do on this. I need to reconnect with Matt to discuss it a bit more. There are more details that I need to sort out but I think this makes sense. Are there other kinds of creative thinking that I am ignoring? Let me know.

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One thought on “Creative Intelligence

  1. Greg,

    I think I leave strange comments on blogs, here’s a strange one for you:

    I’m not sure if I’d classify these along the lines of categories of creativity.. though maybe ingredients to creating a thing.. like 3 values to the success of creative content, or something.

    I think for me.. I think long and hard cause.. I desperately want to kick some serious butt.. the butt kicking might include a philosophy of art side, an entertainment side, and a technical side.. road maps for getting there, and thinking long and hard is like active imagination.. visualizing a project.. working it through before you get to the canvas.. and this kind of process is common to all the arts.. and at the same time I like to just jump in and get my hands dirty..

    Analysis of what makes something work, why it works, in what sense does it work.. it seems to me must be common to every field of endeavor..

    In communications I think of it like.. if I listen to Obama or former President Clinton Speak.. versus.. lets say someone at the Bone.. the person at the Bone is speaking.. in what you might say is.. psychological truth.. or something that is true in terms of the context of there thinking.. which bares an intuitive relationship to.. lets say a more objective truth.. but that on the face of it can look naive..

    Mean while.. Clinton and Obama articulate things in such a way that.. they’re somehow reaching beyond where the conversation has been thus far.. its like going up a big hill with Moses or something..

    So for me the idea of the active imagination is like a way of breaking out to that kind of higher level.. and I think you could do that inside of your terms for ideation, the technical, and entertainment.

    At some point after the story you recount.. I spent sometime looking at your videos.. and I think I saw where.. this sorta thing happens in what you do.. there’s something in the choices you make.. that’s interesting. I’m not sure how to articulate it but its certainly there..

    And so I wonder if what you’re not talking about is like Jungian psychology types.. I’m sort of introverted thinking.. with ether sensation or intuition.. and you’re maybe.. extrovert feeling.. with.. I’m not sure.. some sort of intuition? And so I wonder if what we saw playing out in the story was this… maybe…

    In which case I would argue that we need all the 4 functions, and introversion and extroversion present.. to make a full person.. which is sorta saying the same thing you’re saying.. but in a different way.. Though I think it’s probably a little more complex then this.. and needs a little Hegal in there somewhere.. lol.

    But what I loved about what I thought you were getting at was.. something very interesting about the ingredient to make a successful.. I guess creative content.. which touches on something I’ve thought about relating to social media for like.. forever.. which is like.. about a granularisation of rolls.. new organizational structures for business.. and how SoMe could eventually lead to a very new kind of business..

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