Reading (b)Log

I’ve been thinking about sharing what I read for a while. As a confirmed absurdist, I made the decision 20 years ago the attempt to read 10,000 pages a year. This decision was not based on anything. 10,000 pages was an arbitrary figure. (See 1000 Faces for another example of my arbitrary absurdism . . .) There is no value in making reading a quantitative exercise. I understand all these things. I have even considered stopping.

But I can’t.

I have a little book that lists everything I’ve read since 1989. I love being able to look back over the years of my reading and remembering what I’ve read. Remembering what was happening in my life at different times – memories brought back by the titles of what I was reading at the time. I read both fiction and non-fiction and have a few favorites (A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth is my very favorite).

I’ve read three book so far this year – Winning at All Costs, Empire of Blue Water and Nothing to Fear.

Winning at All Costs was terrific. I love Italian football (especially AC Milan) and this was a great history of the game – often troubled in the past and present. I could have lived without reading Empire of Blue Water. It was fine but meh. The best thing about it was that it took no time to read. The story was interesting but it just didn’t pop much for me. Nothing to Fear, with its (hopefully) analogous story to what we are facing today was a good read. It was really interesting to hear about the Roosevelt administration’s early desire to stabilize the financial sector, support specific industries, provide relief AND try to balance the budget at the same time.

My style of reading (and quantifying my reading) is really goofy. But what can you do?

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