Getting Sick

I got sick tonight. At just about 7:00 I realized it had happened. I hate being sick. I was feeling fine today, a little tired now and then but okay. The train rocked me in and out of sleep on my way home (something I love). I got home in time for dinner with my family which is good and keeps getting better.

At dinner my head was starting to ache and my neck and shoulders were so stiff and sore. I took ibuprofen and the pain in my head started to fade. Soon it came back – along with more aching in shoulders, congestion, coughing – and not little coughs but great racking hacks that left me breathless with red and watering eyes. A feeling of exhaustion came on next.

1/22/09 (22) not feeling so well

Now it’s almost 9:30 and I feel miserable. I want to sleep but need to do a few things first. I hate feeling like this.

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