Social Media with Wings

Every week I go to the Chicken Bone in Framingham. Always on Wednesday nights and sometimes another night or two as well. Wednesday is Boneoke – a sort of a live band karaoke that’s always a good time. The band is great, the beer is tasty, the wings are all you can eat; and since the same people come week in and week out there’s a nice tight community.

Matt Searles joins me there and was thanking me last night for introducing him to “such a great crowd.” (Though given the context, I *think* he was being sarcastic.) A few weeks ago, Matt and I were talking about social media out in the parking lot of the Bone. As we spoke, I decided that what was happening inside was a great example of social media: a community had gathered to create and share content together.

Being at the Bone, especially on Wednesday nights, is like hanging out in a living room – and, like social media, there are always plenty of conversations happening that anyone (for the most part) can join. Of course also like social media, if you jump in like an idiot you’ll be treated like one. Listening and contributing – songs, pictures and camaraderie – are the keys.

People often use the hackneyed metaphor of a cocktail party to describe social media. But in this case, it’s useful to use social media as a metaphor for Wednesday night’s at the Chicken Bone. Pretty nutty.

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