Getting Sick

I got sick tonight. At just about 7:00 I realized it had happened. I hate being sick. I was feeling fine today, a little tired now and then but okay. The train rocked me in and out of sleep on my way home (something I love). I got home in time for dinner with my family which is good and keeps getting better.

At dinner my head was starting to ache and my neck and shoulders were so stiff and sore. I took ibuprofen and the pain in my head started to fade. Soon it came back – along with more aching in shoulders, congestion, coughing – and not little coughs but great racking hacks that left me breathless with red and watering eyes. A feeling of exhaustion came on next.

1/22/09 (22) not feeling so well

Now it’s almost 9:30 and I feel miserable. I want to sleep but need to do a few things first. I hate feeling like this.


I had an interesting meeting yesterday with a new social network, IAMSport. Their idea is to create a community for athletes and their fans, to allow interaction among members and provide a space for sharing content with an interesting model. Now this isn’t about the major American sports franchises – there are certainly plenty of sites and groups focused on their exploits – but rather on young athletes (the site is affiliated with the World Olympians Association).

What I found most interesting was their approach to content. One of the things that Paul Varadian, one of the company’s founders, believes in important is that the site is advertising free and is available at no cost to users. This of course begs the question of revenue. This is where the model gets a bit more creative. IAMSport allows anyone up upload whatever user-generated content they like and make it available with very granular control. A user may opt to make their content available as pay-per-view and this is how the company to generate at least some of it’s revenue.

Now you might not be interested in paying to watch Aunt Millie’s recording of Betsy’s first goal; but that isn’t what IAMSports is envisioning (although Aunt Millie is welcome to try). What they are thinking about are non-televised events that are of great interest to specific audiences or communities. For example – regional or national high school sports – where many who would love to see it would for any number of reasons be unable to attend. Or broadcasts on international events that are not licensed (or at least not shown in their entirety) here in the US.

There are plenty of competitions for which their are audiences but for which distribution simply doesn’t exist. IAMSport wants to be that distribution channel. They expect that they will be able to aggregate audiences who have an interest in these competitions (and the participating athletes) into a sizable community. In some ways they are taking a distributed view to the idea of hyperlocal content.

The interest and growth that Paul described seems legitimate and respectable – and the founders involvement with the Olympic movement gives them a degree of credibility beyond simply having a good idea. The company has other revenue ideas around sponsorships and if they are able to attract the size and type of audience they hope IAMSport stands a chance of becoming a viable and very interesting community.

If nothing else it is an interesting experiment in monetizing community content.

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Faces video

I’ve been thinking of ways to share my 1000Faces project and have meant to do a video for a while. I finally got around to it this morning. I’m happy with it overall – it might be a little long and frankly the image quality isn’t what I’d like it to be. Anyway, here it is:

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Me and my mustache

I grew my small stache on a lark over the holidays. After nine years of beardedness being wholly clean-shaven just felt wrong somehow. I’m going with a lip-hugger at the moment but could bust it up to a full upper lip mat. It’s kind of hard to say. The only thing that bugs me about it is that it’s gray. What can you do?

1/8/09 (8)

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Social Media with Wings

Every week I go to the Chicken Bone in Framingham. Always on Wednesday nights and sometimes another night or two as well. Wednesday is Boneoke – a sort of a live band karaoke that’s always a good time. The band is great, the beer is tasty, the wings are all you can eat; and since the same people come week in and week out there’s a nice tight community.

Matt Searles joins me there and was thanking me last night for introducing him to “such a great crowd.” (Though given the context, I *think* he was being sarcastic.) A few weeks ago, Matt and I were talking about social media out in the parking lot of the Bone. As we spoke, I decided that what was happening inside was a great example of social media: a community had gathered to create and share content together.

Being at the Bone, especially on Wednesday nights, is like hanging out in a living room – and, like social media, there are always plenty of conversations happening that anyone (for the most part) can join. Of course also like social media, if you jump in like an idiot you’ll be treated like one. Listening and contributing – songs, pictures and camaraderie – are the keys.

People often use the hackneyed metaphor of a cocktail party to describe social media. But in this case, it’s useful to use social media as a metaphor for Wednesday night’s at the Chicken Bone. Pretty nutty.

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Do as I do, not as I say

I haven’t written in ages because I’ve been rethinking what and how I want to be using my various sites and accounts. I had been enjoying writing about social media and whatnot but who wants to read it? Not me. What I want to be focused on, rather than writing about social media, is doing social media. I’m much more interested in taking photographs, making videos and being an active member of the communities that matter to me – Facebook, twitter, etc.

So rather than writing and saying, I am going to keep creating and sharing.

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