Il Maggico Rules

I don;t think I could remember all of the various persona or activities I’ve created or pursued online. While there are some that I’ve continued to use over the years and others that were just a flash in the pan. My latest creation is one that I’m very fond of: Il Maggico.

In September I started thinking how funny it might be to do some really absurd magic – you know, asking people to close their eyes while I moved things, etc. Then I decided to give it a try with some REALLY fancy video editing on my Mac:

This first effort was pretty good. People seemed to like it; but there was something missing. I decided that my magic needed a bit more personality, so I began working on a character. The logical solution – of course – was Il Maggico . . .

As I’ve worked on the character – and the FANTASTIC magic – I decided that having as partner would make things even more awesome; so I decided to enlist the assistance of my very good friend, the mysterious Ms. Gladitz Night:

The evolution of Il Maggico isn’t over – but I can already tell that I like this silly fellow very much and will be working as him and with him for some time to come.

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