That’s how many faces I’ve posted to my 1000 Faces project as of today. I’m almost halfway home and number 500 is a milestone of sorts on my road to reach my arbitrary and self-assigned goal. I want the next picture to matter I suppose – even though I realize that it will eventually blend in to the public anonymity of the overall project.

The truth is I won’t necessarily stop when I hit 1000 but this next one will still be a little special. A few people have pointed out that I have multiple pictures of some people, and that some pictures have more than one person in them. Both these things are true. This project isn’t about being real exact or anything, it’s more about the spirit of the idea.

I’ve actually posted fewer than 499 faces since I’ve done multiples; but I’ve also posted several with more than one person in them (so there). I’ve also taken way more than 1000 at this point but, well, you know how it is . . .

Now it’s Wednesday and I still haven’t taken number 500. It’s been three days since I photographed anyone and I hope to get to it soon. Maybe today. But the question is still there . . . who will be 500?

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