Practicing what we preach

I love being part of the Social Media Club – the content, events and people are great. But sometimes it seems that mostly what we do is listen and discuss rather than create and share. And since social media has so much to do with creating and sharing content, I was interested in trying something with the group here in Boston that would let us make something together.

The idea was to find an ongoing event that had a definite end and that would create rich content opportunities. This year’s election seemed perfect. We had a dozen people at the meeting last week and decided to get the ball rolling with a general site about the election. We created a Ning community – SoMeElection08 – to centralize content and conversation and have seen interest and participation build slowly but steadily.

We want as many people to participate as possible so some on, sign up and get involved.

[tags]someelection08, social media, smc. politics, election, socialmediaclub[/tags]

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