The Communications Horizon

Heading into the home stretch for 2008, we’ve been talking more and more at work about what things will look like in 2009 and beyond from a communications perspective. There are a few questions I’m hoping to get my head around – about how people are thinking about communications – and I’d be totally thrilled if people would be willing to share their thoughts. Here they are in no apparent order:

What are the major issues you see on the horizon for yourself or your company heading into 2009? What changes to you expect?

What are the major market trends that will impact the economy? How are those trends going to effect business?

How has corporate communications changed and what changes do you think will happen next?

What would you love to see happen in 2009 – on a business and personal level?

Drop me a note if you have anything you want to share.


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2 thoughts on “The Communications Horizon

  1. Major issue for myself heading into 09? … I need employment (or at least clients that can pay).

    Major market trends that will impact the economy (you need to ask that question sideways)? It is the economy (or lack thereof ) that will effect market trends (trend will be weak).

    Corporate communications changed? Slowly realizing that advertising (marketing) AT our customers doesn’t work any more. Now it is about marketing with them. Soon it will be our customers telling us what to sell (produce) to them.

    Love to see happen? I would like to at least land an interview, if not a job. On a business level? I would like to see the completion of the convergence… No matter what my screen/access device (TV,Web,Mobile.etc), I want access to everything ,everywhere.

  2. Major issues for me: Proving the viability of social media as a tactic within the marketing strategy in a time of tightening budgets due to the economy.

    Market trends: The companies that have successfully engaged their consumers and built loyalty should see a better survival rate than those that have continued purely on traditional models.

    Corporate communications changed: They’ve changed in some isolated places, but in general there’s a long, long way to go. And there’s the shock that when you’re being honest, maybe your company isn’t as good as you thought!

    Love to see happen? I’d like to see more success for honest social media efforts, and more focus on creating good products with which to begin conversing, rather than using flashy tricks.
    I’d like to see less ‘Make Money Blogging’ blogs blatantly telling lies about how much money they’ve earnt (Not all of them…you can spot the useful/honest ones).
    I’d like to see social networking tools used more for productive results and causing serious change to happen.
    And I’d like to be wealthier and able to spend more time with my son!

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