Saturday was all about transportation

Saturday was all about transportation for me. I started the day (or rather ended Friday) with a drive, then got onto my moped to head home. Even though I’d been up late I had to be up early to catch a train back into Boston for the Green Transportation fair at the Children’s Museum. When I got to South Station, I walked the few blocks to the fair.

I was at the Fair with GM (one of my clients) and had all sorts of things to set up: signs, bags, water bottles, information on GM cars, etc. By 9:00 we had a hybrid Tahoe on the scene (which I also got to drive) and set up for the day.

It was a pretty perfect day for the event – clear, warm, sunny – a total change from the gloom and rain of much of the week. I hung down by the car for the day, talking to people, taking pictures, etc. Most people who stopped by were positive about the Fair and the Tahoe. Lots wanted to get in and look around (which was totally fine).

GM at the Green Transportation Fair

As the day went on it got warmer. At noon a band – Cooper Boone – set up to play. They were good and get people up and dancing a bit. One cool think that they were doing was to power their equipment without electricity. There was a modified exercycle to one side and they asked people to come up and pedal to charge the batteries for their PA system. It seems to have worked since they were able to play for several hours.

GM at the Green Transportation Fair

Over the course of the day we probably had a few hundred people stop by to check out the car – which seemed good. At 2:00 I headed out to catch the train back to Natick. But was my day of transportation fun finished? Not by a long shot. Yes I took the train home and yes I hopped on my moped to get to my house, but I also decided to go for a little ride.

I cruised around town and here and there and even made a little video:

All-in-all it was a totally transporterrific day.

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One thought on “Saturday was all about transportation

  1. Mike Reilly says:

    Hi Greg (?)

    Just a quick note from a stranger to say thanks.

    What for you might ask.

    Well, 2 things –

    1 the Neal Gravestone photo in Old Granary. I was dumbstruck when I found your picture of it on Flickr. It was just what I was after for a key section in a fiction book I am writing.

    Second, your set of “Me A Day” Pics. Last time I saw that used was in “Se7en” but to much more gharish effect. Anyway, I didnt even think of that until I saw your set and it suddenly started a train of thought in me about a section I have been needing to devise in order to convey the anguish of my main character. I honestly didnt know how to do so until I came across your Flickr sets. Dont worry – you dont strike me in any way as “anguished”! It’s my own brain that takes the everyday and innocent and warps it into the maudlin and morose.

    Funny, that section of the book is set in Boston. I hope I do a remarkable city proud.

    Anyway, enough oddity from an unknown idiot. Best wishes and thanks again.

    Happy Trails

    Mike Reilly

    (don’t these comment boxes EVER have a character limit?!)

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