PodCamp3 Boston – mostly around the edges

I was late on Saturday and all wound up. I got in after noon. My daughter – who was leaving to spend a week with her grandmother – asked to hang out for part of the day. How could I refuse? She and I went on a photowalk around Mass Hort at Elm Bank. We had a great time.

I had every intention of attending sessions at PodCamp – and I did – but something pulled me away. I became stuck on the idea of photographing everyone at the event. More than 450 people registered for the event and there were about 350 that showed up. As soon as this idea came into my mind I started talking pictures. In the end, I only got 140 people but it was good fun and I like the results.

For me, the high point of any event is the fun and PodCamp was full of it. The photos frolic aside, Saturday turned epic as it turned into Sunday. From dinner at Brown Sugar (where the food was awesome) to drinks at Tequila Rain to Dancing at the Good Life to Jazz at Wally’s to fireworks on Columbus to hip hop in Brookline – the music never stopped and everyone was dancing.

Sunday started late again. Really late. I started the day at a GM event on Newbury Street and then made my way in the pouring rain back to PodCamp. I arrived just in time to help Adam Zand get set up for his session of Social Media as High School. (If you haven’t already – check out his PCB3 Year Book and sign it when you have the chance.)

By the time I got home on Sunday night I was bushed but happy. Thanks to everyone that made PCB3 so great on so many levels.

2 thoughts on “PodCamp3 Boston – mostly around the edges

  1. GPC says:

    Yeah, that’s the biggest problem with uploading a ton of photos – especially if you don’t know everyone in the pictures . . .

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