Got my bike back!

Last week was an odd and uncomfortable week. It started with my birthday – somewhat subdued by the fact that I was feeling ill and that my Batavus – a gift – had been stolen the week before. As the week wore on, the discomfort grew as the illness I was feeling turned out to be Lyme Disease.

This has always been one of those conditions that I’ve dismissed as a lack of gumption of the part of its sufferers. Something that is best treated by sucking it up and getting back to work and life. There are any number of illnesses that fit this bill for me – and every time I name one of them either I or a friend or family member is diagnosed with it as fate works to demonstrate the validity of the condition.

I now know that Lyme Disease is real and it really sucks. I had fever and chills for ages, aches and fatigue that were persistent and an overall feeling of malaise and malady that simply wouldn’t let up. I am still feeling like crap but I kind of feel like I need to get out and get back to life. It might not be the wisest decision . . .

While this illness was irritating me I was also trying to sort out replacing my bike. I had one in mind but it was pricey(ish). I was anxious and impatient to get my hands on it and kept peppering the owner trying to find a time when we could meet. This weekend wasn’t going to work but I thought I might do something late Sunday.

Shortly before 10:00 on Saturday I got a call from the police. They had a moped that they wanted me to see and ID. I was on the scene in minutes and sure enough it was my bike. The fellow who had it was using it as a bicycle – peddling the damn thing around. It can’t have been easy, that’s for sure. The bike has only one speed and weighs nearly 100 lbs.

He claimed to have found it on the side of the road and no have painted it to make it look better. I noticed that the paining was largely limited to those areas of the bike that had names or logos . . . I also know that he will have passed at least a half dozen posters looking for the bike in the few minutes before the police stopped him. I guess he didn’t have a chance to read them.

Here’s the bike with the current paint job:

I am going to have it painted I think. Orange perhaps.

In any case, I am beyond happy to have my bike back. I want to thank everyone who’s been helpful in my search and recovery – the gang at Moped Army who had lots of great suggestions, the folks who saw the posting on Craig’s List and contacted me with tips and clues, the Natick PD for taking this seriously and being totally helpful and most of all Rich Berg of Natick who spotted the rider and contacted the police.

Pretty crazy that everything worked out in the end – and that was thanks to so many people helping out and playing their own part. Now I can get back to making my bike the most awesome moped around . . .

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