Getting blood from a stone

Sometimes I feel like a total blockhead – not in a bad way but more in a comfortable, easy and familiar way. This is one of those times. I have a ton going on – all of which is pretty cool – but an equal number of distractions – most of which totally suck. On the plus side is starting work with some new companies, being touched and surprised by the unexpected kindness of others having an overall feeling of (perhaps unwarranted).

On the downside are the fact that I still haven’t found my bike (and at this point doubt I ever will), that I have been sick for the past several days – suffering from a fever in the midst of the recent stifling heat and that my mind has been in a fog of late – all of which have made it difficult to be as focused and creative in my thinking as I would like.

Being optimistic though – and starting to feel better and having found a new bike – I am expecting the fog to life and for me to be able to do more of what I want more effectively. At least that is my hope.

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