Moped Stolen


My Craig’s List post about the stolen bike netted a response. Someone say the thief pushing my bike down the street on Thursday afternoon. He described that person as a white guy, around 23 with black or dark brown hair. The fact that it was being pushed gave me some glimmer of hope – since obviously it wasn’t a pro or anything.

On Friday I drove around the area looking to see if I could spot it. I did come across a guy with a rental van full of bikes. When I asked if he’d seen my yellow moped he back toward the van and closed the door – pretty suspicious if you ask me . . . On Saturday I made posters offering a $100 reward for the return of my bike and went to the station where it was taken and the neighborhoods around there. I made a point of talking to the van guy’s neighbors and gave his girlfriend one of the posters.

My daughter found tracks from the bike which were were able to follow further and further up Rt. 135 but eventually we lost them. It’s all a really big bummer. I do want to thank everyone that has offered their thoughts and assistance – especially everyone at Moped Army.

At this point I think my Bat is gone for good and I’m looking to get a replacement – but that isn’t going to happen for a few more weeks :(.

So I bought a moped just a week ago. It was a birthday gift (which isn’t even until 6/9). I spent the past weekend getting it working and had only ridden it a few times. Then today, I locked it up at West Natick station and went to work. When I got home it was gone. Lock, stock and barrel. It’s really bumming me out.

Here’s a picture of it:

If you see it let me know. It wasn’t super expensive but it’s not like I can just go buy another one . . . and I have $100 in parts en route. What a shitty day.

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