My Batavus

Last week I went and bought a moped. It’s a Batavus Starflite. It was only $300 and it should do fine getting me to and from the West Natick train station every day. Every day that I drive it I’ll be saving $2 on parking and since it gets around 100 miles per gallon I should managed to save *some* money on fuel – not to mention the reduced wear and tear on my car.

Sure it’s 30 years old and it might not be the fastest thing on the road but I like it – and it seems that I can fix the thing myself (so far).

One thought on “My Batavus

  1. D2 says:

    GPC: Nice shot! Did you have your kid take this as Dad buzzed off to work? Fun to catch up with you virtually. Let’s chat soon. D2

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