Got my bike back!

Last week was an odd and uncomfortable week. It started with my birthday – somewhat subdued by the fact that I was feeling ill and that my Batavus – a gift – had been stolen the week before. As the week wore on, the discomfort grew as the illness I was feeling turned out to be Lyme Disease.

This has always been one of those conditions that I’ve dismissed as a lack of gumption of the part of its sufferers. Something that is best treated by sucking it up and getting back to work and life. There are any number of illnesses that fit this bill for me – and every time I name one of them either I or a friend or family member is diagnosed with it as fate works to demonstrate the validity of the condition.

I now know that Lyme Disease is real and it really sucks. I had fever and chills for ages, aches and fatigue that were persistent and an overall feeling of malaise and malady that simply wouldn’t let up. I am still feeling like crap but I kind of feel like I need to get out and get back to life. It might not be the wisest decision . . .

While this illness was irritating me I was also trying to sort out replacing my bike. I had one in mind but it was pricey(ish). I was anxious and impatient to get my hands on it and kept peppering the owner trying to find a time when we could meet. This weekend wasn’t going to work but I thought I might do something late Sunday.

Shortly before 10:00 on Saturday I got a call from the police. They had a moped that they wanted me to see and ID. I was on the scene in minutes and sure enough it was my bike. The fellow who had it was using it as a bicycle – peddling the damn thing around. It can’t have been easy, that’s for sure. The bike has only one speed and weighs nearly 100 lbs.

He claimed to have found it on the side of the road and no have painted it to make it look better. I noticed that the paining was largely limited to those areas of the bike that had names or logos . . . I also know that he will have passed at least a half dozen posters looking for the bike in the few minutes before the police stopped him. I guess he didn’t have a chance to read them.

Here’s the bike with the current paint job:

I am going to have it painted I think. Orange perhaps.

In any case, I am beyond happy to have my bike back. I want to thank everyone who’s been helpful in my search and recovery – the gang at Moped Army who had lots of great suggestions, the folks who saw the posting on Craig’s List and contacted me with tips and clues, the Natick PD for taking this seriously and being totally helpful and most of all Rich Berg of Natick who spotted the rider and contacted the police.

Pretty crazy that everything worked out in the end – and that was thanks to so many people helping out and playing their own part. Now I can get back to making my bike the most awesome moped around . . .

Getting blood from a stone

Sometimes I feel like a total blockhead – not in a bad way but more in a comfortable, easy and familiar way. This is one of those times. I have a ton going on – all of which is pretty cool – but an equal number of distractions – most of which totally suck. On the plus side is starting work with some new companies, being touched and surprised by the unexpected kindness of others having an overall feeling of (perhaps unwarranted).

On the downside are the fact that I still haven’t found my bike (and at this point doubt I ever will), that I have been sick for the past several days – suffering from a fever in the midst of the recent stifling heat and that my mind has been in a fog of late – all of which have made it difficult to be as focused and creative in my thinking as I would like.

Being optimistic though – and starting to feel better and having found a new bike – I am expecting the fog to life and for me to be able to do more of what I want more effectively. At least that is my hope.

Moped Stolen


My Craig’s List post about the stolen bike netted a response. Someone say the thief pushing my bike down the street on Thursday afternoon. He described that person as a white guy, around 23 with black or dark brown hair. The fact that it was being pushed gave me some glimmer of hope – since obviously it wasn’t a pro or anything.

On Friday I drove around the area looking to see if I could spot it. I did come across a guy with a rental van full of bikes. When I asked if he’d seen my yellow moped he back toward the van and closed the door – pretty suspicious if you ask me . . . On Saturday I made posters offering a $100 reward for the return of my bike and went to the station where it was taken and the neighborhoods around there. I made a point of talking to the van guy’s neighbors and gave his girlfriend one of the posters.

My daughter found tracks from the bike which were were able to follow further and further up Rt. 135 but eventually we lost them. It’s all a really big bummer. I do want to thank everyone that has offered their thoughts and assistance – especially everyone at Moped Army.

At this point I think my Bat is gone for good and I’m looking to get a replacement – but that isn’t going to happen for a few more weeks :(.

So I bought a moped just a week ago. It was a birthday gift (which isn’t even until 6/9). I spent the past weekend getting it working and had only ridden it a few times. Then today, I locked it up at West Natick station and went to work. When I got home it was gone. Lock, stock and barrel. It’s really bumming me out.

Here’s a picture of it:

If you see it let me know. It wasn’t super expensive but it’s not like I can just go buy another one . . . and I have $100 in parts en route. What a shitty day.

Clean Tech Event Tonight

Weber Shandwick has an active and growing Clean Tech practice and will be co-hosting a Renewable Energy Business Network reception this evening in conjunction with Cleantech 2008. Here are the details:

Time/date: 5:30pm, Monday June 2nd
Place: The Hynes Convention Center, room 304 – in conjunction with the Cleantech 2008 event going on next week
What to expect: Lots of open conversations, a drink or two, a few brief words of encouragement from your co-hosts and some announcements from the REBN.

In order to get into the convention, you need to register – FOR FREE – with the conference organizers. Your registration will enable you to attend the REBN reception, as well as tour the exhibit hall.

To register, go to Fill in your contact info, and select “Cleantech2008” as the event you’re planning on attending. Important: On the second page of the registration site, you need to enter both the Registration Code “REBN” at the top of the page, and select “Exhibit Hall only” – the page will indicate that the cost is $80, but don’t worry, on the next page you’ll see that your REBN membership means the fee is waived. There will be a name badge waiting for you at the Hynes Center when you get there.

My Batavus

Last week I went and bought a moped. It’s a Batavus Starflite. It was only $300 and it should do fine getting me to and from the West Natick train station every day. Every day that I drive it I’ll be saving $2 on parking and since it gets around 100 miles per gallon I should managed to save *some* money on fuel – not to mention the reduced wear and tear on my car.

Sure it’s 30 years old and it might not be the fastest thing on the road but I like it – and it seems that I can fix the thing myself (so far).

Total mental hiatus

I don’t know what’s happened to me over the past few months but I have taken a total hiatus from almost everything: writing here and on my other blogs, writing stories, taking photographs, going out, attending events – everything. A few weeks ago (or maybe it was months) I did resume taking pictures and I’m treating that as the first step on the road to recovery.

Has this happened to anyone else? I mean I consider myself a fairly active and creative person but it’s like I just went blank for a while there. My hope is that now that I’ve recognized the problem I can address it but I worry that isn’t going to be the case and my days of thinking and self-expression have come to an unfortunate and dismal end.

I sure hope that isn’t the case . . .